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How I'm enhancing Notion's web clipping: The creation of Clipio for a more efficient Second Brain

Posted by Tomas Pustelnik | December 17, 2023

How I'm enhancing Notion's web clipping: The creation of Clipio for a more efficient Second Brain

Notion search used to be bad.

But that changed over time and with Notion's new AI feature - Q&A, extracting relevant information from your Notion workspace is easier than ever.

What Notion still lacks is the ability to save relevant information into it easily.

As a daily Notion user, I rely on it for habit tracking, project management, and as my ‘Second Brain’ (If you hear this term for the first time I suggest reading this great summary about Second Brain).

Yet saving the content into it is still very clumsy. Existing tools like the official Notion browser extension, Readwise, or Notion Saver didn’t really work for me.

All the tools I have tried have one or more of these issues:

  • They weren’t powerful enough to save whatever I wanted - I had to save some content manually.
  • They were too cumbersome to use and required a lot of clicks before a save.
  • They forced me to break my flow during reading and move to Notion to enhance the saved clips.
  • I lacked a good way to capture quick notes or add my ideas next to the content I consume.

So, being a developer and problem solver, I have decided to build Clipio.

Taking inspiration from products with great user experiences like the Linear app or Raycast, I want to build an intuitive and powerful tool for web clipping.

And a great web clipping tool in my view means:

  • Rapid Content Capture: Clipio enables quick content capture, ensuring your focus and ideas remain uninterrupted.
  • Add your own ideas: Easily add your thoughts or extra context to the content, enriching your Second Brain with valuable insights.
  • Works for any content type: Entire article or paragraph, image or email, tweet, or YouTube video. Capture whatever you need in the best possible way.
  • Keyboard friendly: As a Notion power user, I wanted to create a tool that allows you to save content effortlessly without a mouse, while you read.

Clipio will be the perfect companion for Notion. It’s designed for power users and those who want to make the most out of their digital brains. And to make it easy to change content clipping into a habit.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Clipio is set to transform your web clipping experience. And if you like what I'm doing with Clipio join the waitlist.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas and the end of the year.