Powerful features for the best Web-to-Notion tool

Medium-like highlighting on every page

Highlight crucial parts, add comments, and do the summarisation heavy-lifting before you even save the content. Highlighting is not an after thought in Clipio, but first class citizen.

Save with the speed of thought

From full article to single highlight, save everything effortlessly. I’m obsessed with making the saving as smooth and intuitive as possible. So you can focus on the content.

Presets for every occasion

Finetune your saving process with presets. Choose your target in Notion, pre-fill database properties, add extra content when saving, and more. Make Clipio work for you, not be an obstacle.

Save various types of content

Clipio will save common content type in a best way possible for you. Be it an entire article, highlights, images, or Twitter threads.

Offline Support

Your ideas shouldn't have to wait. Highlight or save content even when offline, and Clipio will save it in Notion once you're back online.

Multi-Device Sync

Save your perfect setup and have it available on every device and browser. No need to setup everything from scratch every time.

And much more...

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